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A Brief Guide to Affordable Housing Development – Have little or no experience with affordable housing funding? This guide provides an overview of the development process and programs available.

2016-2017 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP)
The QAP provides information on the 2016-2017 Housing Credit Program.

Document Submission Procedure for All Programs – All documentation must be submitted on compact or digital video disk(s).

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About to finish the development phase? Find resources that simplify compliance with program requirements.

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Welcome to OHFA's resource center for developers. As the leader in developing innovative, effective programs that strengthen Ohio communities and address affordable housing needs throughout the state, one of OHFA's goals is to provide financial support and tax incentives to developers committed to developing low- to moderate-income homes for Ohioans. We achieve that goal through a variety of programs administered by OHFA’s Office of Planning, Preservation and Development.

Project Assignments

Developments funded with resources administered by OHFA are assigned analysts from the OHFA staff. These analysts work with developers and funding recipients from the application phase through construction completion both to provide technical assistance and to ensure requirements of the various funding sources are being met. Analysts also review and approve requests for HDAP funds, conduct periodic site visits during construction, process the paperwork to close out HDAP requests and complete the requests for the 8609 forms. The following file lists analysts for each development along with contact information.


OHFA offers funding programs primarily designed for larger-scale rental housing developments. In many cases, developers combine financing from more than one of these programs. Each program has its own specific compliance requirements and underwriting guidelines that recipients must meet prior to funding. The programs are best suited to developers with significant experience in low- to moderate-income housing development.

Housing Tax Credit (HTC) Program

The HTC program provides developers with federal income tax credits, which developers can sell to investors to raise cash for building acquisition, new construction, or substantial rehabilitation costs. In return for the credits, OHFA places 30-year rent and income restrictions on funded properties.

Housing Development Assistance Program (HDAP)

Housing Credit Gap Financing (HCGF)
Recipients can use HDAP funds as low-interest, deferred payment loans or, in some cases, grants. The HDAP Program includes Housing Credit Gap Financing (HCGF), which applicants can combine with tax credits to provide additional resources for eligible projects.

Housing Development Gap Financing (HDGF) for
Non-Tax Credit Developments

A portion of HDAP funds are set aside for proposals including rental and homeownership developments that do not apply for tax credits. Housing Development Gap Financing (HDGF) is a potential funding source for smaller developments.

Multifamily Bond Program

Best suited for developments of more than 100 units, the Multifamily Bond Program is essentially a low-interest construction/permanent loan program. Through the issuance and sale of tax-exempt development bonds, OHFA can provide construction and mortgage loans to eligible nonprofit and for-profit developers at below-market interest rates.

Multifamily Lending Program

Designed to provide financing – otherwise unavailable in the private market – for affordable rental housing developments. OHFA will invest up to $60 million over the three-year duration of the program of which $20 million will be available this fiscal year. Estimates call for the program to support 20 developments per year, or approximately 1,000 rental housing units annually. Loans will not exceed $1 million.

Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Program

CHDOs are private, nonprofit, community-based service organizations that are organized under state or local law to develop affordable housing in the communities they serve. OHFA receives applications for state certified CHDO's annually.

Housing Development Loan (HDL) Program

The HDL program is another potential source of gap financing for developers to leverage with the HTC program, HDAP, and/or Multifamily Bond program. Loans are available to help reduce construction loan interest, increase the equity generated from the sale of HTCs, or address financing needs unmet by other OHFA products.

Capital Funding to End Homelessness Initiative

OHFA in collaboration with the Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA) is pleased to provide a one-time capital funding boost of $32 million to the local Continuum of Care to assist with their strategies to end homelessness in Ohio. This funding boost is in addition to the programming that the OHFA already provides annually to finance permanent supportive housing.

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