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2014 Online Annual Owner Certifications and Tenant Data Due By April 3, 2015


Owners are required to submit the 2014 Annual Owner Certifications and Tenant Data via DevCo Online. OHFA will no longer accept the Excel-based Compliance Tool to report tenant data. Owners should begin entering tenant data immediately. It is highly recommended to begin the data entering or uploading process early.



Active Projects (within 15 year compliance period)

The 2014 Annual Owner Certification and tenant data is due by April 3, 2015. See the 2014 Annual Owner Certification (AOC) Requirements Chart for more details. The Chart is listed in the Frequently Used Links section below.


Housing Trust Fund and Extended Use Projects

The 2014 Annual Owner Certification is due by April 3, 2015. The 2014 Tenant Data is due by May 1, 2015.


New Projects or Lease-up Phase

New projects or those in the lease-up phase must submit an Annual Owner Certification and tenant data if one or more residents were income qualified during calendar year 2014.


DevCo Guide and Help Desk

OHFA issued an Interactive DevCo Compliance User Guide on January 7th to assist with the 2014 Annual Owner Certifications and tenant data via DevCo Online. The Guide lists general procedures such as accessing and registering in DevCo, adding utility allowances, adding project information, completing Tenant Income Certifications, and using the data import function (i.e. XML upload). The interactive guide serves as the help page.


All questions regarding use of DevCo should be sent to DevCohelp@ohiohome.org. Please be sure to include in the subject line of the email the OHFA tracking number (project number), project name, and a brief description of the issue.


Frequently Used Links

DevCo Online Login: https://devco.ohiohome.org/AuthorityOnline/Default.aspx  

DevCo Homepage: http://www.ohiohome.org/compliance/devco.aspx

DevCo Help Desk: DevCohelp@ohiohome.org

AOC Requirements Chart: http://www.ohiohome.org/compliance/2014AnnualCertificationChart.pdf

 Questions regarding this message may be directed by email to Betsy Krieger, Director of Program Compliance at bkrieger@ohiohome.org.


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