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2015 Annual Reporting Due on March 1, 2016


Owners are required to submit the 2015 Annual Owner Certifications and Tenant Data via OHFA's online reporting system: DevCo Online. The 2015 Annual Owner Certification and Tenant Data cover the reporting period from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. The 2015 Annual Owner Certification and Tenant Data are due on March 1. See the 2015 Annual Reporting Requirements Chart for further details.


Housing Tax Credit (HTC) Extended Use Properties:

Extended Use properties are projects that have completed the first 15 years compliance period. Owners are required to submit Tenant Data beginning with the 2015 reporting year on all rental activity for the reporting year. In past years, OHFA required tenant data for only new move-in residents. Tenant data must be submitted for all residents.


New Projects or Those In The Lease-up Phase:

If any unit is qualified during the 2015 reporting period, the owner is required to submit the Tenant Data and Annual Certification.


Properties Sold in Reporting Year:

If the property was sold during the reporting period, the owner of record at the end of the reporting period (12/31/15) is responsible for annual reporting.


Part of the normal reporting process for Housing Tax Credit or HTC projects includes completing the Annual Operating Survey. The 2015 survey must be completed for each development that was awarded tax credits between 1999-2012 (tracking numbers that begin with 99- through 12-) and that have 10 or more units. The survey is to be completed and submitted to the Agency by March 1, 2016. Please submit completed surveys to PortfolioMailbox@ohiohome.org. Questions regarding the Annual Operating Survey may be directed by email to Kevin Clark at kclark@ohiohome.org.


DevCo Resources and Help Desk


There are several resources available to assist in the use of the DevCo system as follows: the revised and interactive Compliance User Guide, DevCo How-To-Videos, DevCo Compliance FAQs and the DevCo Helpdesk. In addition to the Guide, the How-To Videos are new for this year and cover the major areas of DevCo that are used in the reporting process. Also, OHFA held a webinar on the Annual Reporting process. This webinar was recorded for those who were unable to attend and is now available in the How-To Videos section.


It is extremely important that all questions regarding the use of DevCo are submitted to the DevCo Helpdesk. This will allow OHFA to track the questions and issue targeted guidance as needed.  


Questions regarding this message may be directed by email to Betsy Krieger, Director of Program Compliance at bkrieger@ohiohome.org.  



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