2016 Annual Owner Certifications
and Tenant Data Due on March 1, 2017



Owners are required to submit the 2016 Annual Owner Certifications and Tenant Data via OHFA’s online reporting system: DevCo Online. OHFA recommends you start the reporting process as early as possible after Tuesday, January 3rd. The 2016 Annual Owner Certification and Tenant Data are due on March 1, 2017. See the 2016 Annual Reporting Requirements Chart for more details. Note the XML upload will be active on Wednesday January 4th.

Housing Tax Credit (HTC) Extended Use Properties

These properties have completed the first 15 years of the compliance period and are required to submit Tenant Data on all rental activity for the reporting year.

New Projects or Lease-up Phase

If any unit is qualified during the 2016 reporting period, the owner is required to submit the Tenant Data and Annual Certification.

Properties Sold in Reporting Year

If the property was sold during the reporting period, the owner of record at the end of the reporting period (12/31/16) is responsible for annual reporting.

DevCo Resources and Help Desk

There are several resources available for the DevCo, including the Compliance User Guide, DevCo Videos, DevCo Compliance FAQs, and the DevCo Helpdesk. OHFA revised the interactive DevCo Compliance User Guide. In addition to the guide, the How-To Videos cover the major areas of DevCo used in reporting.

Two webinars will be held covering the Annual Owner Reporting Process on January 17 and February 7 at 2:00 pm. All questions regarding use of DevCo should be submitted on the DevCo Helpdesk.

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