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2016 HOME Rent Limits Published and Rent Approval Submission


Clarification: The HOME Rent Approval deadline is fast approaching.  Owners/Recipients of HOME-assisted properties must submit a HOME Rent Approval Form by July 21, 2016. 


On Friday, May 27, 2016, the Office of Program Compliance issued a compliance message regarding the 2016 HOME rent limits and the required HOME Rent Approval Form. The message indicated HDAP recipients must certify what the 2016 HOME rent will be at the subject property. This message is to clarify that HDAP recipients are not required to list the specific HOME rent that will be charged at the subject property. Rather, HDAP recipients only must certify that the 2016 HOME rent used at the subject property will not exceed the maximum HOME limits as published by HUD. All other information contained in the message issued on May 27 remains unchanged.


The 2016 HUD published HOME rents are effective June 6, 2016. HDAP recipients of projects that have received HOME funds are required to submit an OHFA HOME Rent Approval Form on an annual basis. HDAP recipients who fail to submit the Form will be placed on a Watch List and OHFA's Office of Planning, Preservation and Development will be notified. Allocation of funding for new projects may be impacted for Owners/Recipients who are on the Watch List.

HDAP recipients must certify that the 2016 HOME rent used at the subject property will not exceed the maximum HOME limits as published by HUDThis requirement is the result of the 2013 Final HOME Rule. The 2013 Final HOME Rule amends §92.252(f)(2) to require that a PJ (OHFA) must review and approve rents for each HOME-assisted rental project each year to ensure that the project complies with the HOME limits and that they do not result in undue increases from the previous year.  

The HUD published limits are available on the Rent and Income page of the Program Compliance section of OHFA's website. HDAP recipients must submit the OHFA Rent Approval Form by July 21, 2016. The HOME Rent Approval Form should be sent directly to the OHFA Compliance Analyst assigned to the subject property via email or standard postal mail.


Please direct any questions regarding this message to Betsy Krieger, Director of Program Compliance via email at bkrieger@ohiohome.org.



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