Have you submitted the 2016 OHFA HOME Rent Approval Form?

The deadline is July 21.



The 2016 HUD published HOME rents were effective June 6, 2016. HDAP recipients of projects that have received OHFA HOME funds are required to submit an OHFA HOME Rent Approval Form on an annual basis. This form is due by July 21. The form must be signed by the HDAP recipient as listed in the HOME funding agreement. The HOME Rent Approval Form should be sent directly to the OHFA Compliance Analyst assigned to the subject property via email.

HDAP/HOME recipients who fail to submit the OHFA Rent Approval Form will be placed on a Watch List and OHFA's Office of Planning, Preservation and Development will be notified. Allocation of funding for new projects may be impacted for Owners/Recipients who are on the Watch List. 

Recipients who received OHFA HDAP/Trust funds are not required to submit the OHFA Home Rent Approval Form. Please direct any questions regarding this message to Betsy Krieger, Director of Program Compliance via email at