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Accessing the 2016 Reporting Year in DevCo


The 2016 reporting year has been made active in DevCo online for all active multifamily funded projects. However, the 2016 year will not be listed in the "default" Properties Listing till January 1, 2016, but can be accessed using the "Show All" feature. Until the 1st, as you are working on certifications for events in 2016, please remember that you must filter the Properties Assigned to You table before clicking Show All Owner Certificates (see this guide for steps).


Other DevCo Tips

DevCo has been used for the first time for almost all day-to-day activity related to compliance with the multifamily funding programs. During this time period we have discovered many good features and identified some issues. Much has been learned about DevCo based on its use for annual reporting which has generated a list of around 60-70 various improvements (some small and some large).


The programming of the DevCo databases has been brought in-house. In the long term this will make the update process more efficient than working with a third party vendor; however, this has caused delays in improvements planned for 2015. As OHFA works on improvements we have temporary solutions for various issues. Here are some of the most common issues experienced and the temporary solutions:

  • Unit count mismatch in AOR letters - This was a common error for 2014 due to many changes still occurring on OHFA's side. This error is meant to check that there are at least as many events as there are program units. Contact your OHFA analyst if you think this error was mistakenly included in the list of issues.
  • Move-in Income Zero/Blank AOR letter issue - This is most often due to XML upload limitations. If you receive this error and did an XML upload send the income at move-in for all residents reported on in 2014 to the OFHA analyst and DevCoHelp.
  • XML Files for Gap Only Properties - Due to the structure of the XML files if a property is HOME or Trust funding but does not have Housing Tax Credits (HTC) the XML upload does not work properly. Please make sure to check that events were uploaded by going to Export Events, note most likely the events for the assisted units will need to be entered manually.
  • Income Limits not displaying correctly on DevCo TICs - This issue is usually due to the property having project-based assistance (PBA) and DevCo not correctly identifying if the  Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008 (HERA) Special limits shouldn't be used. Until the issue is resolved please include a clarification record for any move-in events that are printed in DevCo and are at properties with PBA.
  • Gross Rent errors - This problem is related to the income limits error, since DevCo does not correctly identify when the HERA Special limits should and shouldn't be used, verify that the information is correct. When printing a TIC from DevCo if needed include a clarification record in the file explaining what the correct max rent should be.
  • Updating Funding types on Events - This occurs when a funding type needs to be removed from non-Move-in, Transfer, and Recent events. It commonly impacts floating HOME-assisted units. You should continue to enter events based on the requirements of the funding programs e.g. HOME recertification cycle or student updates for HTC units. Until this issue is resolved, use the Notes feature on an event to show that a unit has ceased to be a HOME unit.

As issues are resolved OHFA will be doing releases monthly beginning in late October for DevCo Online which will include various updates and improvements. For more info on these and other issues please refer to the

 DevCo homepage which includes current links of solutions for common issues and other information on DevCo. Compliance FAQs list issues and questions related to entering tenant events and working in DevCo. Please contact the DevCoHelp Desk if you have questions regarding DevCo.



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