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July 9, 2019

Volume: 5



Effective July 1, 2019, OHFA has an updated LIHTC lease addendum. Click here to download the document.



OHFA's new Compliance Audit Reports (CARs) are starting to be sent out to partners now. If you have had an OHFA audit this year, please be on the lookout for the report. To receive the CAR and to allow designees to see and respond to it, owners must be registered in DevCo. More information is available online, including how to respond to the OHFA audit. If you have any issues accessing the CAR or any technical difficulties with the report, please submit a DevCo Help Desk ticket, so we can more effectively track and troubleshoot issues with you. 



OHFA requires you to update your tenant events every month in DevCo. Updated tenant events are critically important, especially if you have been notified of an upcoming review. Please pay special attention to make sure that all of your HOME, Trust and Market rate units are correctly designated in DevCo and that your tenant events are up to date.