December DevCo Release Update


The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) released changes / updates to DevCo Online on January 2, 2017. This new release focused on improvements to the compliance checks, correcting XML upload issues, and adding the Upload Documents feature. Here is a summary of the changes to online reporting for December's Release.

  • XML Upload reinstated  - The XML upload process was added back into DevCo. There were not any changes to the functionality, but several issues related to how information was saved in DevCo were corrected.
  • False Errors and Warnings Removed  - Issues related to Rent and Income limits were removed from Move-out and Transfer-out events. Additionally, a few other issue messages were moved that frequently flagged properties as falsely having a problem. The errors or warnings removed include:
    • Allowable Rent Exceeded
    • Income Exceeds County AMI Income Schedule
    • Income Exceeds 140% Rule
    • Total Household Income Is Zero
    • Tenant Rent Portion Is Zero and Rental Assist Portion is Zero
    • Household Income at Move In Is Required
    • All Members Must Have An Income Entered

These issues may return to DevCo in a future reporting cycle after further evaluating the need and correcting some underlying issues that caused these to falsely appear on events.

  • Upload Document Feature - This button located on the Project Details screen will allow Owners/ Management to submit various forms related to site review to OHFA. You can begin using the feature March 1st. This feature currently does not support uploading documents for Annual Owner Reporting. Additional training will be provided to the industry as well as OHFA staff on how to use this new feature. Please look for a How-To Video on this in coming months.

Leases, AFHMPs, Utility Allowance documents, Completed 8609s, 8609As, Tenant Selection Plans, Restrictive Covenants, and Funding Agreements are all examples of documents that can be uploaded.


For additional information on DevCo, review the online resources, including other How- To Videos and the DevCo Compliance User Guide. If you are having issues using DevCo please contact the DevCo Helpdesk .