December DevCo Release Update 


The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) released several changes and updates to DevCo Online. These changes were initially released on December 20, 2017. This new release impacts the project activation in DevCo, display of income and rent limits, annual owner certification questions and more.  


Below is a summary of the changes: 

  • Online Activity Triggered by Placed in Service Dates: For all Housing Tax Credit awards, listing in the online system is triggered by the placed-in-service dates being entered in DevCo. If OHFA has not received the placed-in-service dates for a new allocation, it will not be listed in the online system. Contact your Project Administration Analyst with OHFA or the DevCo Helpdesk to get the placed-in-service dates entered correctly. All building/BIN assignments, unit information and placed-in-services dates should come from the owner or developer.
  • Rent and Income Selections Limited to Restrictive Covenant: For all Housing Tax Credit awards, the rent and income percentage levels listed on the event are now limited to the closest matches listed in the Restrictive Covenant. For example, if a property has 50 percent and 60 percent rent limits, only these selections will be available. However, if the property also has 30 percent and 47 percent rent limits, the drop-down would display 30 percent, 50 percent and 60 percent. If a rent or income level is missing, you can contact your analyst or the DevCo Helpdesk.
  • New VAWA Annual (Owner) Certification Questions: On all certification types, there are four required questions on VAWA. They ask if the property has an emergency transfer plan, if tenants were informed of their VAWA rights, if VAWA was what was done and if additional language on VAWA was included with the lease.
  • New Compliance Training Annual (Owner) Certification Questions: For the Tax Credit and Extended Use certifications, properties are required to list any staff that attended OHFA's Compliance Training in the last two years. This question is required as part of the changes with the Qualified Allocation Plan in 2016.

For additional information on DevCo and to review the online resources, visit our website. You can also view how-to videos and read the DevCo Compliance User Guide. If you are having any issues with DevCo, please contact the DevCo Help Desk. 



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