The Ohio Housing Finance Agency released several changes / updates to DevCo Online on January 21, 2016.



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January DevCo Update


The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) released several changes/updates to DevCo Online on January 21. We experienced some technical difficulties after the updates were released which have been resolved. No tenant events could be entered from 9am to 4pm on January 21st on properties that have previously reported, and new properties just placing in service could not enter tenants until 10:30am on January 22nd.


This new release impacts XML uploads, the Property Listings page, manual Tenant Event entry, and more. Here is a summary of the changes.

  • Receipt for finalizing Tenant Events revised to "Annual Tenant Data Submission Receipt" - this change was made to make it clear what was submitted. There are two separate submissions, the Tenant Data & the Annual Owner Certification, needed in DevCo to complete the Annual Reporting process.
  • Reporting Years now listed sequentially - This correction fixed the issue that after clicking on "Show All Reporting Years" the years would be listed in a random order.
  • "Show All Reporting Years" greyed out until property list is filtered - The Property Name filter located on the Property Listings page must be applied before accessing older reporting years due to the quantity of information that is stored in DevCo for each property.
  • Tenant Events entered chronologically - You will now receive an error message if you are entering a tenant event out of order. This has been done to prevent information between old and new events getting overwritten. If you enter an event out of order you will receive this error, "events must be entered consecutively by date". For example if a tenant moves out 4/1/2015 and a new tenant moves in on 7/15/2015, the move-out must be entered before the move-in.
  • XML Upload: Improved the coding in DevCo for recognizing the order that events are entered - this means that there should be far few errors occurring with the XML upload that a unit is incorrectly listed vacant or occupied.
  • XML Upload: Allowed  the ability to upload update events (Student, Composition, Rent) - For XML upload users this means you should now include Adjustment(A) events in your XML files. In most compliance software these will be listed as IRs or Interim Recertifications. These update events from the upload will be listed by default as composition updates in DevCo. After the upload is completed, you will need to select the update type based on what you are required to report for your OHFA funding programs and the type of activity that occurred with the household. For example if a rent change was included as part of an IR, it should be listed in DevCo as Rent Update. A How-to Video on the XML Upload process will be made available by Tuesday of next week (Jan.  26th).

For additional information on DevCo review the online resources, including other How-To Videos and the DevCo Compliance User Guide. If you are having issues using DevCo please contact the DevCo Helpdesk.



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