January DevCo Release Update


The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) released several changes / updates to DevCo Online on January 25, 2017. This new release impacts the Unit Information page, compliance checks on Gap Financing, tenant event entry, and more. Here is a summary of the changes to online reporting for January's Release.

  • Locked additional fields on Unit Information - In addition to the Unit Name being locked the Number of Bedrooms and Square Footage fields are also now locked. If any of these three fields have issues please contact the DevCo Helpdesk.
  • Removed Rent and Income limit errors on HOME, Trust, and FAF only properties - The system should no longer generate false rent and income limit issue messages on properties that are only funded with HOME, Ohio Housing Trust Fund, or FAF. If you have a property that has one of these funding types, but no Housing Tax Credits please review the rent and income to ensure it is compliance with the funding agreement.
  • Updated Availability of Funding Program Check Box on Events - The funding program check boxes used in DevCo have now been reset so that the check boxes can be adjusted on recertification event types. The check boxes are also active on Move-ins and Transfer-ins.
  • Locked Current Income field Editing - The Current Income field has been locked for editing. This has been done to help remove confusion as to when this field needs updated. To update the current income field the Non Asset and Asset Incomes must be entered and the Calculate Total Household Income & Member Income button should be used to add the correct amount to the Current Income field. This setup ensures that income is entered completely and that the income section will be filled in on the printed TIC.
  • Updated text explaining income entry on Events - Text has been added next to Add Member, Add Non-Asset Income, and Add Asset Income tables in DevCo. The text clarifies when incomes should be entered on events in DevCo. Household member income should be included on four types of events. Current income should be included on Move-ins and Recertifications. For Transfer-in events, the incomes from the last OHFA certification should be included. For Composition Updates, the current income of any new household members must be included and for tenants already in the unit any incomes from the last OHFA certification should be included.

For additional information on DevCo, review the online resources, including other How- To Videos and the DevCo Compliance User Guide. If you are having issues using DevCo please contact the DevCo Helpdesk.