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October DevCo Release Update 


The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) released several changes and updates to DevCo Online. These changes were initially released on November 1, 2017, and updated on November 3, 2017. This new release impacts the Tenant Income Certifications, compliance checks and more. Additional formatting corrections were made on November 3 to the online system. 


Below is a summary of the changes: 

  • Simplified labels of income and rent sections (Part V and VI) of TIC: Labels in these sections were adjusted to better describe the information that is required. Fields were updated according to the image below.
  • Removed the demographics section (Part VIII) of TIC: Demographics information should still be reported when disclosed, but will no longer be included on the Tenant Income Certification. 
  • Fields and logic modified related compliance checks: Changes made to this part of the release primarily impact the OHFA side of DevCo. They include better tracking of the compliance start and end dates for properties. These changes improve the accuracy of information in the online system. 


Due to the changes made during this release, an updated sample copy of OHFA's tenant income certification has been added to our program compliance page under required compliance forms.

For additional information on DevCo and to review the online resources, visit our website. You can also view how-to videos and read the DevCo Compliance User Guide. If you are having any issues with DevCo, please contact the DevCo Help Desk. 



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