2018 Summer/Fall Releases




DevCo Release Updates

2018 Summer/Fall Releases

September 2018


Imported additional Income Limits for Income Averaging


·     Imported limits for 20%, 70%, 80% for the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program. This was done in preparation for properties that may be selecting the new minimum set-aside option of Average Income.


TIC Update – allowing rent & income restrictions display


·     This update reinstated the ability to see Income & Rent restrictions/checks on 100% LIHTC projects for these event types: Recertification/Recertify, Composition Updates and Transfer-Ins. In the February release limiter was applied since recertification type events are not required on 100% LIHTC projects.


July 2018


Updated functionality of the selection for Tenant Events


·     On the Event Details screen:

·     LIHTC will automatically be checked on all units with active Housing Tax Credits

·     HOME, Ohio Housing Trust Fund (OHTF), National Housing Trust Fund (NHTF) may be checked/editable on Move-in, Recertify, Composition Updates, Transfer In, and Rent Update event types.


·     On the Funding Program table on the Unit Information screen:

·     Housing Tax Credit awards will be listed with the first building placed in service date.

·     HOME or Trust awards will update based on the activity occurring on the unit to identify if the unit is currently considered a HOME or Trust assisted unit.


Adjusted mechanics of income components populating from event to event


·     Work was done to improve income components (e.g. Social Security, Checking) from event to event. This update aimed to transfer incomes between most event types. Income will not be transferred to Recertification events as this even type requires new verification of current income.


Improved functionality for Transfer Events


·     Household members and their Income are now transferred from the transfer out to the transfer in events. Previously in many cases this information would have to be reentered. 


For any TICs that experienced issues with information displaying an OHFA Clarification Record should be included in the tenant file showing the correct information. If you have any questions or experiencing additional issues please contact the DevCo Helpdesk