2018/2019 Winter Release Notes




DevCo Release Updates

Winter Releases (2018/2019)

March 2019


Expanded & Improved the Helpdesk


·     Helpdesk can now be used for general compliance issues that aren’t necessarily specific to DevCo. There is a radio button to select either DevCo or Compliance.

·     Subcategories were added for optional selection. They are listed under “Please select some details”. 

·     For example -- Category: User Access with sub categories: Password Reset, Remove Access and more.

·     Added Contact Name as a required field.

·     Added an Upload File feature accessed from within DevCo. Allowed file types: jpg,jpeg,gif,pdf,xls,xlsx,doc,docx. You must be logged into DevCo and click Help to have this new file feature available.


Added new Banner to DevCo linking Compliance & Inspection


·     The new banner is visible once you log in. 

·     The banner includes the APPS button which allows users to switch between DevCo Compliance (e.g., tenant events, TICs, & AOCs) and DevCo Inspection (e.g., review responses).

·     Features for DevCo Inspection are currently disabled for all owners and managers using DevCo, but these features will become available as responses are required for 2019 reviews. 

·     More details will be available soon on the web, and additional instructions or assistance will be available for anyone working on 2019 review responses.


Added specificity to Award/Funding descriptions – Tenant Events & Unit Info


·     Previously, funding was listed in these areas as LIHTC, HOME, OHTF, etc.

·     New label includes [award #] - [full funding label], e.g., 079900 - LIHTC-Comp.(Lease Purchase)

·     This new labeling also includes changes in the database that allows the Inspection software to automate sample size selection. Therefore, it is critical that HOME, OHTF, NHTF awards are identified correctly on assisted units.


December 2018


Added LIHTC Rent & Income Summary Tables – Project Details


·     New tables were added that list the Required (based on Restrictive Covenants) and Entered counts of units identified for percentages. Entered is continually updating as new events are entered and counted across reporting years.

·     This feature only covers LIHTC awards. There are future plans to have similar tables for HDAP programs like HOME.


Hide several fields - Tenant Events


·     Fields that were hidden are either duplicative or not actively contributing to compliance with federal or OHFA requirements

·     Fields hidden at household/event level include: Population Served, Is Disabled, HH Member Count, and Student Count.

·     Special Needs was also hidden on the household member level.


Default selections removed – Tenant Events


·     Dropdowns on the tenant events that are required no longer start with a default selection. This ensures that all items are reviewed and updated individually.

·     Simplified Rental Assistance selections – Tenant Events

·     New dropdown provides a more detailed list of Rental Assistance options, and takes the place of the two dropdowns.

·     New selections bring it more in line with current NAHMA XML standards and include two new OHFA operated rental assistance programs.

·     Updated list includes: HUD Housing Choice Voucher, ODMSD, Ohio 811 PRA, Other Rental Assistance, Section 8 PBRA, Section 8 Project Based Voucher, USDA/Rental Assistance.


November 2018


Multiple Building Election for Transfers – Tenant Events


·     DevCo Online limits transfer events based on the compliance requirements related to the multiple building election (8b on the 8609).

·     If you experience issues with transfer, contact DevCo Helpdesk and they will work with you to confirm if this election is recorded correctly in DevCo.


Removed most checks on Market Rate units - Tenant Events


·     This change made it easier to enter market rate activity in DevCo. Many fields still require a response but default response can be used (i.e., did not disclose or zero).

·     Identifying Market Units is required for full use of the new DevCo Inspection software that will be used for physical inspections by OHFA analysts. If market units are not correctly identified, they may erroneously appear in sample selections.


Added Average to Add Asset Income Dropdown - Tenant Events


·     Average was added as an option for this dropdown in addition to existing options of current and imputed.


Temporary Alert message for Composition Updates - Tenant Events


·     Message was: “On Composition Updates only, component incomes for a new household member must be entered in two steps. First, add the new household member, then click Update. Then add component income for the added household member.”

·     Message was removed later after resolving the underlying issues.


For any Tenant Income Certifications (TICs) generated from DevCo that experienced issues with information displaying incorrectly, an OHFA Clarification Record should be included in the tenant file showing the correct information.If you have any questions or are experiencing additional issues please contact the DevCo Helpdesk