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New DevCo Compliance User Guide

and Annual Owner Certification



The interactive DevCo Compliance User Guide is now available to assist with the 2014 Annual Owner Certifications and tenant data via DevCo Online. The Guide lists general procedures such as accessing and registering in DevCo, adding utility allowances, adding project information, completing Tenant Income Certifications, and using the data import function (XML upload). The interactive guide serves as the help page, and additional content will be available in February 2015. Questions regarding the use of DevCo should be sent to DevCohelp@ohiohome.org. Please be sure to include in the subject line of the email the OHFA tracking number (project number), project name, and a brief description of the issue.


The 2014 Annual Owner Certification and tenant data is due on April 3, 2015 for any LIHTC or HOME project that was operational in 2014.  However, for projects funded with Housing Trust Funds only or that are in Extended Use, tenant data will not be due until May 1, 2015. OHFA is allowing the additional time for tenant data for these projects because they were not required to enter data either through an XML upload or directly into DevCo for the 2013 reporting period. Extended Use properties are only required to submit new move-in tenant data for the 2014 reporting year, but OHFA encourages owners of Extended Use properties to enter all current residents now since this will be required by the end 2015. Projects funded with Housing Trust Funds only or that are in Extended Use are still required to submit the Annual Owner Certification by April 3, 2015.


New projects or those in the lease-up phase must submit an Annual Owner Certification and tenant data if one or more residents were income qualified during calendar year 2014. It is important to remember that OHFA will no longer accept the Excel-based Compliance Tool to report tenant data. All Annual Owner Certifications, tenant data, and 2014 utility allowances must be entered directly into the DevCo Online system. Questions regarding this message may be directed by email to Betsy Krieger, Director of Program Compliance at bkrieger@ohiohome.org.