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Current Top Issues in DevCo and Solutions that Impact 2014 Annual Reporting


OHFA is receiving significant industry inquiries regarding the Annual Owner Certification and several technical glitches caused by DevCo. OHFA is working to resolve the glitches as quickly as possible. The following guidance is provided to assist owners/property managers who are experiencing error and/or warning messages while entering tenant data or making project changes. For any error or warning that is received in DevCo, please check to ensure that all information was entered correctly. Below are some common errors that are occurring and information on resolving the issue(s).


Passbook Rate Issue for Years Prior to 2014

For reporting years prior to 1991-2013, the passbook rate is not calculating in DevCo when entering the individual asset income amounts. This may impact the Total Household Income and household member's current income. If the household's assets are valued at greater than $5,000, these amounts should be manually entered from the TIC. Individual incomes are not required on the Event Details for events before 2014.


Passbook Rate Temporary Calculation Error for 2014 & 2015

Passbook Rate is temporarily calculating incorrectly on the Event Details page for events in 2014 and 2015. When viewing the TIC from DevCo the correct amounts will be displayed on the TIC. The Total Household Income and household member's current income will need to be manually corrected on the Event Details page until this issue is resolved.


Income & Rent Restriction Issues

Placed-in-Service dates directly impact the Income and Rent limits selected. If you are having issues with either income or rent follow these steps:

  1. Check that the correct Rent & Income Level percentages were selected on the Event Details page
  2. Confirm that the correct income, rent and/or utility allowance were included in the event
  3. Check that the placed-in-service date is listed on the Building Details. If it is missing, contact DevCoHelp@ohiohome.org
  4. If the correct limits are still not showing on TICs in DevCo, contact DevCoHelp@ohiohome.org.
  5. For TICs being printed from DevCo, manually correct the TIC including initials and date and add an OHFA Clarification Record to the file showing that there was an issue with the limits displaying correctly in DevCo.

OHFA is currently working on verifying and correcting missing Placed-in-Service dates and other rent & income related issues.



We have discovered that DevCo has limited abilities when dealing with transfers. Tenant events must be done in chronological order, and the unit the tenant is transferring to must be vacant before beginning the "Transfer Out" in DevCo. Always review the "Transfer In" located in the new unit after completing a transfer. Depending on a variety of factors you will likely need to add correct information back into the "Transfer In". Please note, the transfer event date does not replace or change the recertification or verification anniversary date for the household.


Move-out Errors (& Other Unresolvable Errors)

Ideally, review all errors and warnings and correct any issues. "Errors" must be resolved to finalize. "Warnings" are only there to alert of a potential issue. These may not need a correction and will not stop the property from finalizing the 2014 Annual Owner Certification and tenant data.


If you attempt to finalize your data with outstanding Errors, DevCo will not allow you to fully submit the data but will place the tenant data in a "Property Review" status. Examples of these errors are income Errors on a Move-out or Student Update event. OHFA will accept this submission due to the special circumstances. Please note however, other Errors will need to be resolved prior to finalization of tenant data or the project may be found to be out of compliance and placed in a correction period.


Printing TICs or Annual Certification Summary

We have been experiencing issues with the print drivers used in DevCo and various versions of internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.). DevCo is designed to work best in Internet Explorer 10. To print from DevCo, it is best to use the export feature (disk icon) at the top of the screen when printing the TIC or the Annual Owner Certification summary.


Frequently Used Links

DevCo Online Login: https://devco.ohiohome.org/AuthorityOnline/Default.aspx


DevCo Homepage: http://www.ohiohome.org/compliance/devco.aspx


DevCo Help Desk: DevCohelp@ohiohome.org


AOC Requirements Chart:  



Please keep in mind that DevCo is a new system and we will continue working through improvements and issues. We anticipate that submissions may contain errors with the 2014 Annual Reporting especially the tenant data. However, it is important to keep in mind the deadline for the Certifications and tenant data remains as April 3.


The only exception is the tenant data for Extended Use and Gap Financing only projects is due May 1. OHFA will offer additional guidance for errors that are not the fault of the owner/property manager but rather created by technical glitches with DevCo.


Questions regarding this message may be directed by email to DevCoHelp@ohiohome.org.



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