OHFA's office of Program Compliance has made changes to the Management On-Site Questionnaire. Read for more details.




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OHFA Revises The Management 

On-Site Questionnaire


Last month, a working group consisting of members of the Office of Program Compliance (PC) and some industry partners participated in a Kaizen event conducted by the LeanOhio Office of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services. Various processes were reviewed focusing on work flow, customer service and improving process efficiencies. 


Kaizen promotes a process of continuous improvement by standardizing activities and procedures, eliminating waste and developing best practices. The event scope focused on processes that occur before a compliance review, specifically "pre-review" documentation, and forms that are required from the industry, how staff prepares for the review and how Owners/Management Companies respond to a compliance review notification. Intended improvements from this event include reduced staff time to prepare for a review, reduced turn-around time from the Owners/Management Companies to submit requested documentation, reduced customer-completed form errors and elimination of redundancies in our process. 


One change that has resulted from the Kaizen event included revisions and improvements to the Management Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is now located on our website under Additional Forms. By having the document online, Owners/Management Companies will be able to complete the Questionnaire at any time prior to a compliance review after receiving notification of a review. Property Management should have the Questionnaire completed by the date of the review. Owners and Property Managers should begin using the revised Questionnaire effective May 1, 2016.


PC and OHFA's Office of Technology are working on several other process improvements as a result of the Kaizen event that will enhance our service to our partners. Industry updates will be issued as additional improvements are implemented. If you have any questions on this matter, contact Betsy Krieger, Compliance Director, at bkrieger@ohiohome.org.






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