OHFA released changes/updates to DevCo Online on October 8, 2016.









October DevCo Release Update



The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) released changes / updates to DevCo Online on October 8, 2016. This new release focused on improvements to the database side of DevCo and not the online system; however, there were a couple of updates to DevCo online.  Here is a summary of the changes to online reporting for August’s Release.

  • Dropdown box added the Hispanic and disabled question on tenant events- Dropdown boxes have been added for the Hispanic and disable questions under household members to make responses more accurate. 
  • Only allow the last 4 digits when entering Social Security Numbers- Under household member’s information only enter the last 4 numbers of a tenant’s SSN instead of all 9 digits. 
  • Brokers License Question added to the Annual Owner Report- On the AOR questionnaire this question has been added.
  • Allowed to edit tenant information under Property Review status- During annual reporting the property statuses in DevCo change for compliance purposes, this allows properties to edit information in the active status and when a property is in review. 
  • Effective date is saved under utility allowances- The effective date only needs to be entered once when entering or editing a utility allowance. 
  • Added Certification Date field in tenant events- A certification date now appears on the event details page in the 2nd column. This date was added to decipher between a date of an event entered in DevCo, such as a transfer-in and composition update verses the actual certification date that is entered during move-in and recertification events. This date will print out on the tenant income certification (TIC). 
  • Disallow printing on certain events- The option to print TICs for rent updates, student updates, transfer-outs and move-out events have been disabled; since there is no need to have these events printed and signed by tenants.  You are still required to enter these event types in DevCo. 

For additional information on DevCo, review the online resources, including other How- To Videos and DevCo Compliance User Guide. If you are having issues using DevCo please contact the DevCo Helpdesk.