Program Documents

Here you will find links to all the information, forms, documents, and resources you need relating to the Housing Tax Credit program, including the Qualified Allocation Plan and Affordable Housing Funding Application. Applicants should review all program information and applications for a thorough understanding of Ohio's program before applying for housing credits.

2014 Qualified Allocation Plan

OHFA is pleased to present the Final Draft of the 2014 Qualified Allocation Plan (QAP). Please send all comments on the QAP to the 2014 QAP Mailbox.

Technical Assistance

2013 Qualified Allocation Plan

Local Notification & Priority Information

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Preferred Market Study Providers

OHFA is seeking experienced professionals to conduct third-party market study reports for housing funding applications. Below you can download the current Preferred Marked Study Provider List, which OHFA updates as we receive applications during the year. You can also download an application packet for becoming a preferred provider. All applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to OHFA’s funding deadline.

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Post Allocation

If you are requesting a carryover allocation or an 8609 Form, please complete the following cost certification forms and submit them to OHFA with your request. Submit an Excel copy of the forms and a PDF copy of all other required items on a disk, plus a hard copy of the forms with original signatures and a check for the required fee.

10% Test
Rent Election
8609 Request

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Housing Tax Credit Program Reservations

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Additional Resources

The following resources include additional information pertinent to the Housing Tax Credit program.

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