2021 Second Quarter Agency at a Glance

OHFA UPDATE - PAGE 6 - 2021 SECOND QUARTER OFFICE OF HOUSING POLICY AND OUTREACH & ENGAGEMENT UPDATE The Office of Housing Policy had a productive spring, releasing two blogs, two infographics, and two podcast episodes. Chelsea Buckwalter, recipient of OHFA’s Winter Employee of the Quarter, produced a blog highlighting key metrics and areas for improvement in providing affordable and accessible housing for Ohio vs Neighboring States . The analysis, which can also be found in our Housing Needs Assessment , highlights that Ohio has the highest number of affordable and available units for very-low income renters as well as having the lowest median household debt- to-income ratio among neighboring states. To celebrate Fair Housing Month in April, Devin Keithley created an infographic showcasing Ohio Fair Housing Cases in 2020 that were closed on the primary basis for discrimination. He found that over 50% were because of a disability. Dr. Cody Price produced an infographic detailing Lease Purchase Home Sales , a LIHTC program that pairs homeowner education and economic support to renters, allowing them to purchase their home after a 15-year compliance period has ended. Lastly, Dr. Katie Fallon wrote a blog highlighting a new analysis that focused on Ohioans living in LIHTC properties and found that possessing a post-secondary degree or a vocational certificate is linked to significantly higher earnings . Dr. Price also released two podcast episodes this spring. The first was with the city of Bexley’s mayor and its council president to discuss the city’s Source of Income protection ordinance . Bexley was the sixth community in Ohio and the first in central Ohio to pass a SOI protection ordinance. The second episode featured CelebrateOne to discuss the Healthy Beginnings at Home program - a housing stabilization pilot program for pregnant women in Columbus, which found that “women who received housing assistance experienced better birth outcomes than those that did not receive this assistance.” Internally, Housing Policy has also been working diligently to produce five regional housing needs assessments. Spearheaded by Devin Keithley, these regional assessments will highlight key housing trends and statistics on homeownership, rental housing, home energy and transportation, housing insecurity, housing stock, income and poverty, and demographics within Ohio’s four geographic regions. OUTREACH AND ENGAGEMENT OHFA participated in several large outreach events for homebuyers via Facebook Live. In partnership with radio stations in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati, OHFA presented OHFA homebuyer programs and received more than 11,000 views on Facebook. Outreach also continues via weekly virtual trainings, the OHFA in a Moment video series, which targets the realtor community, radio interviews and magazine articles. MULTIFAMILY TRAINING AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE Did You Miss OHFA’s New LIHTC Essentials Training? Training and Technical Assistance staff recently hosted a new two- day LIHTC Essentials webinar, which explored and examined income and everything assets, LIHTC basics, qualifying households, OHFA inspections and many other topics. Registration is open for the next training on September 14 and 15. Be sure to register for other upcoming trainings: • Compliance Policies and Regulations Training • Acquisition/Rehabilitation Compliance Training Compliance Next Steps Meetings: Reminder Owners must submit the Quarterly Construction Monitoring Report . This report alerts OHFA when CNS meetings need to be scheduled (New Construction at 50% completion; Acq/Rehab shortly after the acquisition). Failure to submit the report on time will delay receiving Form 8609. Find more information about CNS meetings on the OHFA website . Coming Soon OHFA is developing a new on-demand Extended Use and Resyndication Training. Registration will open soon. OHFA Training Resources Be sure to check out these resources to help you stay in compliance: • Affordable Housing Programs Resource Manual • On Demand Courses • Digital Age Income Factsheet • Conquering Tenant Certification Dates and Transfers KATIE FALLON DIRECTOR OF HOUSING POLICY