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Notices of Funding Availability:

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) lists available competitive grant opportunities below that will be offered in the upcoming year. Applications for some financing resources are accepted annually or throughout the year. Please contact the Office of Planning, Preservation and Development, to request more information.

Proposal Summaries:

OHFA provides proposal summaries containing basic information for all projects requesting consideration for an award of competitive resources. The following proposal summaries were completed and submitted by their respective applicant in the current program year. OHFA does not take responsibility for any information contained within the summary.

2019 Proposal Summaries:

2018 Proposal Summaries:

2017 Proposal Summaries:

2016 Proposal Summaries:

2015 Proposal Summaries:

Funding Awards:

OHFA finances affordable housing opportunities for low- and moderate-income Ohioans while fostering strong communities. Find out more about recent funding awards here.

2018 Funding Awards:

2017 Funding Awards:

2016 Funding Awards:

2015 Funding Awards:

Housing Tax Credit Program Reservations