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As per the Qualified Allocation Plan, before placing the project in service, the owner/agent must schedule a Compliance Next Steps Meeting with OHFA’s Training and Technical Assistance team. This meeting must be scheduled at the 50% completion point for new construction projects. Acquisition and substantial rehabilitation projects must schedule a meeting when the property is transferred to the new ownership entity. The meeting for HDAP-only projects will occur when the project has closed on their OHFA financing. IRS Form 8609 will not be issued until the owner/agent has attended the Compliance Next Steps Meeting. The owner/agent’s failure to timely schedule a Compliance Next Steps Meeting may result in a fine.  
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OHFA strongly recommends the owner/agent individual(s) responsible for final approval of resident files or the site manager/leasing consultant who processes the Tenant Income Certifications for buildings receiving 8609 Forms attend the meeting. Compliance Next Steps Meetings may be held at the project site, OHFA office, or in very limited circumstances, by phone.
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*This Progress Report and photos shall be submitted quarterly, beginning the 1st quarterly reporting period following OHFA Board approval OR the start of construction, through 100% construction completion. The report is due on the following dates: January 1; April 1; July 1; October 1.  
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Failure to submit Progress Reports may result in a deduction of points or related penalty on future applications.  
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