Ohio 811 PRA Program Referral Agents

Referral agents play a critical role as they are responsible for identifying eligible individuals, assisting them with the application process, and verifying that each individual is linked to the services and supports necessary to live independently. Learn how to become a referral agent and their responsibilities.

Eligible individuals and organizations interested in becoming referral agents must first attend a referral agent training. Trainings dates are listed below and are hosted by representatives from each partner agency.

Basic Information


Waitlist Management Guidelines Training Webinar

HUD Guidance Statements

Ohio 811 Program Referral Agent Training Webinar

To access the Ohio 811 Program Referral Agent Training click the link below and provide the requested information. The webinar in its current form does not save your progress. Please ensure you have a reliable internet connection before viewing, and if you need to pause the webinar and return to it later do not close the browser.

Contact Information

Please email your questions or comments to 811Program@ohiohome.org.