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  • Request for Proposals

Notice of Funding Availability – Lead Initiative Program

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) received a grant from the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) in the amount of $231,250 for fiscal year 2020, and $231,250 for fiscal year 2021, to administer the Lead Initiative Program to safely demolish houses with lead hazard control orders. The Lead Initiative Program is similar to Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP) with these exceptions:

  • House must have a lead hazard control order put in place by ODH or the local health department.
  • ODH provides the list of eligible houses with lead hazard control orders; however, land banks can request ODH review a property to put on the list.
  • Land bank does not have to own the house and can get a "consent to demo" form signed by owner; no notes or mortgages are required.
  • Demolition must be conducted according to the "Trumbull Protocol" as approved by ODH.
  • Land bank needs ODH clearance of the lead hazard control order prior to submitting reimbursement request.
  • Program runs on a fiscal year so reimbursements are due by June 1st for FY 2020 and June 1st for FY 2021. When the funds for FY2020 are exhausted, there will be no more funds available until the start of FY 2021 (reimbursement starts August 1st).
  • Payment comes to the land bank from OHFA.

Listed below are the program guidelines, partner contract and list of houses in Ohio with 2nd lead hazard control orders. There is a reimbursement cap of $25,000 per demolished house. Costs are entered and supporting documents uploaded into Allita Lead software which looks just like NIP software. The first few demolitions will be done by Trumbull County to assure that ODH is satisfied with the results of the "Trumbull Protocol" then other land banks can reserve funds by submitting properties to

When emailing to reserve funds, attach the signed partner contract and either the auditor's card showing the land bank owns the property or consent to demo form signed by homeowner.