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  • Request for Proposals

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RFP Schedule

Current Contract Expiration Date Type of Contract Office
11/30/2023 Opportunity Index Research & Analytics
5/31/2024 Construction Site Visits & Monitoring Services Multifamily Housing Development
6/30/2024 Banking Services Finance
6/30/2024 Investment Advisor Finance
6/30/2024 Trustee Services Finance
6/30/2024 Security Services Facilities
6/30/2024 811 Voucher Services Multifamily Housing Development
12/31/2024 Arbitrage Rebate Consulting Services Finance
12/31/2024 Production Contract (Success Story Videos) Public Affairs
12/31/2024 Investment Banker Capital Markets
12/31/2024 Single-Family Servicer Residential Lending
6/30/2025 Financial Advisor/Cash Flow Provider Capital Markets/Finance
6/30/2026 Environmental Reviews Multifamily Housing Development
3/27/2027 Indirect Cost Rate Plan Finance
To Be Released Swap Advisor Capital Markets
To Be Released Appraisers Single Family Housing (Tax Credit)
To Be Released Multifamily Software Multifamily Housing Development
To Be Released Liquidity Provider Capital Markets