Housing Needs Assessments

  • Housing Needs Assessment

Housing is a critical component for building a healthy and prosperous future for Ohioans, however the state faces a number of sustained challenges to providing affordable and accessible housing. As part of our annual planning process, OHFA develops the Ohio Housing Needs Assessment, which uses a wide range of data to identify the scale and scope of Ohio's housing challenges. Additionally, these findings are used to inform the Agency's strategic priorities and serve as a resource for OHFA's Board, staff, and the state at large.

Below is an archive of current and past assessments. Starting in fiscal year 2020, we took the Ohio Housing Needs Assessment online to create an easy-to-access and interactive platform. In fiscal year 2022, we analyzed data to provide more insight into housing challenges at a regional scale. Stay tuned for our next project, which will look at housing need in urban, suburban, and rural areas of Ohio.

Current Housing Needs Assessments

Past Housing Needs Assessments