Stories of Home

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency is proud to present Stories of Home – a blog that features current happenings in the housing industry and also highlights those that have been positively impacted by our Agency's work.

  • Over-the-Rhine

    Revitalizing Over-the-Rhine

    Over the past 30 years, community developers have transformed Over-the-Rhine, an historic neighborhood in Cincinnati, OH. In this episode of Doorsteps, learn how the Model Group's efforts can help protect neighborhood residents and be replicated to other neighborhoods.

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  • Affordable Housing Gap

    Closing Ohio's Affordable Housing Gap

    There's a large gap in Ohio between the number of renters at the lowest income levels and the amount of affordable and available rental units. In 2017 there were only 189,056 rental units that were both affordable and available to Ohio's 437,765 extremely low-income (ELI) renter households.

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  • Zoning in Columbus

    Zoning in Columbus: Single-Family vs. Multifamily

    Columbus's population is projected to grow by nearly one million by 2050. Other states and cities facing similar growth have re-evaluated or changed their single-family zoning codes. These models could provide potential pathways to ensure Columbus remains sustainable and affordable, even as the population expands.

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  • Public Art

    Transforming Community through Public Art

    Public art has long been recognized as a tool to connect people with places. In this episode of Doorsteps, Dr. Cody Price speaks with David Wilson from LAND Studio, a non-profit organization in Cleveland about the importance of public art, and how it can have a positive effect in the community.

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  • Public Transportation

    Where's the Bus? Affordable Housing and the Value of Public Transportation

    How well are low-income workers living in OHFA financed affordable rental units served by local transit? Across 13 urban areas in Ohio, OHFA renters are better served by transit than the average household. Yet the quality of access varies substantially based on the size of the urban area.

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  • Ohio's Opioid Epidemic

    Housing and the Opioid Epidemic in Ohio

    Ohio is one of the states with the highest opioid related deaths, with over 3,600 deaths in 2016. While drug addiction certainly affects the health of the user, opioid abuse can also have harmful impacts on families and communities. Adequate and affordable housing plays a role in off-setting these impacts.

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  • American Housing Survey

    American Housing Survey: How Ohio Compares

    The American Housing Survey (AHS), conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, provides data on a wide variety of housing subjects such as quality and cost. In the past, data were only available at the national level and selected large metro areas. Starting with the 2015 survey, data are now available for seven states, including Ohio.

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  • Kaleidoscope Youth Center

    A Picture of Ohio's Homeless in 2017: More Children, Aging Adults and Families

    70,123 Ohioans accessed homelessness services in 2017, and trends show this population is increasingly composed of children, older adults, families, and special populations.

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  • Kaleidoscope Youth Center

    Why Ohio's LGBTQ Youth Are Vulnerable to Homelessness

    According to the Williams Institute, 40 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. What issues are these youths facing that make them particularly vulnerable to homelessness?

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  • First Time Home Buyers

    Becoming First Time Home Buyers

    Tanesha and Darrio were paying for a two-bedroom apartment that they both knew they'd eventually leave. So they asked themselves, "Why not pay for something that we're going to have forever?"

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