Stories of Home

The Ohio Housing Finance Agency is proud to present Stories of Home – a blog that features current happenings in the housing industry and also highlights those that have been positively impacted by our Agency's work.

  • Quaran Quiz

    Take the Ohio Quaran Quiz

    Spring is a perfect time for a scavenger hunt – with new flowers blooming, trees budding and animals coming out of hibernation. While the current stay at home order limits our ability to explore outside, we designed a challenge to help you travel the state from the comfort of your home!

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  • Earth Day

    Going Green: Energy in Housing

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. The impact housing-related issues have on our planet vary: from the effects of construction to the energy sources we use to heat and cool our homes.

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  • Census Tract 2020

    Census 2020: Ohioans at Risk of Undercounting and the Impact of COVID-19

    Every 10 years, the United States counts every resident in the country through the Census. Census 2020 is already under way. In total, at least 70,000 Ohioans (0.62%) are at risk of being uncounted.

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  • Pandemic Crisis

    A Crisis in Itself: Student Homelessness and Food Insecurity

    Ohio's response to the coronavirus pandemic has required schools to shutter temporarily in an effort to halt the spread of the virus. These actions may save lives, but they pose significant challenges for students who rely on their schools for necessities.

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  • Community Reinvestment Act

    No Community Reinvestment Act, No Community Development: Proposed Changes to the CRA

    In 1977, the Community Reinvestment Act was passed to prevent redlining and discriminatory lending practices that came with it. Since its inception, total investment in disenfranchised communities is about $2 trillion dollars. Proposed changes to CRA could impact the way CRA works and how banks invest in the neighborhoods that need it most.

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  • Housing and Transportation

    Closing the Gap on Housing and Transportation

    For residents across the country, there is a direct connection between housing and transportation, and both have immense impact on how we live our lives. For most households, especially low-income, transportation is the second largest expense after housing.

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  • Ohio Housing Trust Fund

    Annual Economic Impact of the Ohio Housing Trust Fund

    Since its creation in 1991, the Ohio Housing Trust Fund has had one of the best track records in the country, helping nearly 1 million Ohioans. Not only does the Trust Fund help Ohioans access much needed shelter, but it also has a positive impact on Ohio's economy.

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  • Tracking Santa

    OHFA's Holiday Map

    This holiday season OHFA partnered with the North Pole to make sure Ohioans are prepared for the most wonderful time of the year: We've created maps to help you track Santa, see where snow is probable and get a good night's sleep, complete with visions of dancing sugarplums.

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  • HTC Projects

    How Ohio's Tax Credit Projects Meet Specific Housing Needs

    Determining who lives in OHFA-financed multifamily properties is an important step in understanding how we are serving Ohio's affordable housing needs. This infographic compares current residents in Ohio's Housing Tax Credit projects to all of Ohio's low-income renter households.

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  • Historic Rehab

    Tricks and Treats of Historic Rehab

    Old buildings don't have to be scary, or come to a chilling end. Through historic rehabilitation, these architectural gems with their antique and aged features can be preserved and brought to new life.

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